At the Forefront of the Global AIDS Response

Corkery Group Unlimited provided communications support to the leaders of the international HIV/AIDS response, including UNAIDS, WHO, the Global HIV Prevention Working Group, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the private sector and others, during some of the most important and dynamic years in global AIDS advocacy and science. Our work with these clients played a central role in elevating AIDS on the international agenda, building support for HIV treatment and ensuring continued investment in HIV prevention.


Build universal awareness of the scale and impact of the global HIV epidemic and the solutions needed to bring it under control; greatly increase resources to fight AIDS in developing countries.


We worked closely with our clients to create a sense of urgency around the epidemic, leveraging the latest epidemiological data and policy analyses to drive media coverage and policymaker action. For example:

  • We created and managed a global network of public relations consultants with expertise in HIV/AIDS to effectively and efficiently reach key markets worldwide.
  • Through coordinated media and opinion leader outreach, we elevated the profile and influence of UNAIDS’ senior leadership.
  • For WHO, we coordinated media outreach for “3×5,” a campaign to drive for 3 million people living with HIV to receive antiretroviral therapy by 2005.
  • We built stakeholder support for a pioneering approach to HIV treatment access, which emphasized generic partnerships that would lower costs and extend reach in developing countries.
  • We conceived of and served as the secretariat for the Gates Foundation-sponsored Global HIV Prevention Working Group, developing and launching in-depth policy reports to highlight urgent HIV prevention needs.
  • We coordinated media and HIV community outreach for clinical research on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), an important new biomedical HIV prevention tool. See our PrEP case study here.



Our efforts directly contributed to a major increase in awareness of and action on the global AIDS epidemic. During our time working with UNAIDS, international funding for the HIV response increased more than tenfold. Our work with WHO, the private sector, and others helped lay the foundation for rapid HIV treatment scale-up. Today, 15 million people living with HIV worldwide now receive antiretroviral therapy and PrEP has gained wide acceptance as a critical tool for stemming the spread of HIV among populations at risk.