Making Hepatitis C Screening Routine

Working with public health agencies and experts, Corkery Group Unlimited helped establish the silent epidemic of hepatitis C among baby boomers as a U.S. public health priority.


Build awareness of the U.S. hepatitis C epidemic among policymakers, health care providers and those at risk; encourage Americans at risk to get tested and seek care.


With rising rates of hepatitis C mortality and new, more effective medicines to cure the disease, increasing awareness of the disease is more important than ever. We used the release of new federal guidelines recommending hepatitis C screening for all Americans of the “baby boomer” generation as an opportunity to call widespread attention to this “silent epidemic,” coordinating a high-profile media event and conducting tailored outreach to top-tier consumer media and outlets reaching key risk groups.


This outreach helped usher in a new era in hepatitis C awareness, diagnosis, and treatment. Today, more Americans at risk are aware of the virus, the importance of screening and the benefits of treatment, and more people than ever before are seeking treatment and being successfully cured.