A New Tool to Prevent HIV Infection

For nearly a decade, Corkery Group Unlimited has served as the focal point for communications and advocacy for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), the “HIV prevention pill.” As the first biomedical HIV prevention tool to be tested in clinical trials around the world since the epidemic began, it presented a complex and unprecedented set of communications challenges. Working with government agencies, research funders, advocates, and the private sector, Corkery Group Unlimited helped guide and coordinate communications strategies for this groundbreaking innovation.


Responsibly and accurately communicate the efficacy and safety of HIV PrEP, while managing challenging issues such as clinical trial misinformation, public health guidelines, cost and access.


Across all of our work with clients involved in PrEP research and implementation, our approach was strongly grounded in the science of PrEP – clearly communicating the implications of clinical trial data, and ensuring coordinated and accurate communication internationally.

We managed a working group of PrEP communicators to plan for trial results, quickly address misinformation and respond to crises, and ensure smooth communication of trial results, public health guidelines, FDA approval of PrEP, and other developments. We regularly pre-briefed influentials and key reporters, resulting in accurate media coverage and informed, supportive third parties.


We helped transform how PrEP is perceived by diverse stakeholders around the world.  Frequent misinformation and opposition has given way to near-universal support for PrEP as a critical tool in the U.S. and global HIV prevention arsenal.